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Burl veneer products can add a touch of surprising beauty to your space.

Wood will always have a place in interior design, no matter the overall style of a particular space. There’s a type of wood for every aesthetic, and if you are in search of something wholly unique to add visual interest to your home, we would love to tell you more about our vast array of products at Sauers & Company Veneers.

Burl Veneer

We specialize in wood veneers for cabinets, furniture, and all kinds of woodworking projects. While many other companies offer only one option or a handful of them, we have a complete veneering product line with products that are unmatched in quality.

Sometimes a space needs a feature that pops, and burl veneer is the perfect candidate. Whether you apply burl veneer to cabinetry, a coffee table, a desk, or something else, it can create a striking focal point that elevates the room’s other features.

Burl veneer refers to thinly cut wood that features unique grain characteristics as a result of burl. Burl is a rounded growth on the trunk of a tree that causes intricate patterns in the wood grain, making for stunning veneer products. No two pieces of burl wood are exactly alike, so you can enhance your space with a feature no one else in the world has when you choose our burl veneer products.

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Contact us to learn more about burl veneer or any of our other products. We look forward to assisting you however we can.

At Sauers & Company Veneers, we offer burl veneers to residents of Anaheim, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California; Dallas, Texas; New York, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; and anywhere else in the United States.