3 Things You Need When Working with Inlay Wood Veneer

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When working with wood, you obviously need tools like saws of many kinds, things like chisels and hammers, pencils and a whole lot of sandpaper! When you are working with inlay wood veneer and other types of wood veneer, you need more than just a saw to get the job done! Inlay wood veneer and other wood veneers require a little more finesse and a little less brute force to get the job completed. Working with inlay wood veneer can be fun and a great way to experiment with your creativity. Here are a few things that you will need when working with inlay wood veneer.

Working with inlay wood veneer can be fun

  1. Patience– Working with a piece of wood as thin and narrow as inlay wood veneer means that you will need some patience getting the hang of this material. Much like working with any other home project, always measuring twice and cutting once is a great rule of thumb. Inlay wood veneer can really add a punch of detail that your piece might be missing, so don’t discount it just because it needs a little extra effort.
  2. Magnifiers- Whether you use magnifying eyewear or a stand with a magnifier on it, you will need something when working with the small sections that inlay wood veneer often requires. Even if you have perfect vision, looking for so long at something small and narrow can strain your eyes and cause a headache.
  3. Tools– Inlay wood veneer doesn’t require a lot of tools. Things like razor blades, tiny chisels, X-ACTO knives, or routers will be all the tools you need.

Let us know what projects you complete with inlay wood veneer here at Sauers & Company Veneers.