Do You Know These Advantages of Dyed Veneer?

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Do You Know These Advantages of Dyed Veneer?
When you’re planning your next wood veneer project, you may have looked at dyed veneers and given them a pass. Unless you need some crazy color, there really isn’t a reason to look beyond solid wood, right? The alternative that you may not have considered is that dyed veneer can offer many advantages for both the novice and experienced woodworker. Here are a few important benefits that may affect your decision:

  1. Smoother Surface – Dyed veneer offers a smoother wood surface because of its color-fastness when applied. Where there may have been natural wood color discrepancies, there is now a solid, consistent color on the wood surface.
  2. Reduced Waste – Dyed veneer doesn’t cover up the wood grain or require additional steps to bring out the features you want. You can easily enjoy the beautiful, natural grain with the color variation that you enjoy most.
  3. Color Variation – Speaking of color variation – what color isn’t an option with dyed veneer?! Whether you want something more natural looking or need an exotic color for some artistic flare, dyed veneer offers the selection you need.
  4. Cost Savings – What was once standard wood grain may become exotic once it is a dyed veneer, but your original costs were still for the standard option. That means you can enjoy cost savings for your next project when you choose dyed veneer over solid wood types.Do You Know These Advantages of Dyed Veneer?

At Sauers & Company Veneers, we can recommend they dyed veneer that will be a good match for your project and even help you determine if a hobby pack will give you the opportunity to try something new as you plan the next steps. Contact us today to learn more about our many wood veneer options.