Projects That are Ideal for Paperback Veneer Sheets

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geometrical art pieces with paperback veneer sheets
Using veneer sheets is one of the most enjoyable ways to add wood veneer to projects that usually couldn’t be done with wood. Because veneer sheets can be made from a variety of woods and dyed in different colors and stains, they are quickly becoming a creative medium that is allowing artists and hobbyists artistic freedom. If you are looking for a few projects to get your feet wet with paperback veneer sheets, here are a few ideas for you to experiment with:

  • Curved Objects- Paperback veneer sheets are usually joined together in order to create larger sheets, which makes them ideal for covering larger and curved areas. If you would like to experiment with things such as curved sculptures, columns or bangled bracelets, paperback veneer sheets are a great choice.
  • Bendable Objects- Paperback veneer sheets are ideal for wood that you need to bend and then release without cracking. While paperback veneer sheets cannot be manipulated like fabric, or other materials with that level of flexibility, they can do well with projects like fans, headbands and other bendable objects.
  • Decorative Hangings- When you have paperback veneer sheets, you can easily create complicated, freestyle or geometrical art pieces with paperback veneer sheets. These walls hangings are a great way to break out of the box while also staying within a frame.

If you are looking for projects that you can do well with paperback veneer sheets, we can help here at Sauers & Company Veneers. Let us help you today.