Some Fresh Project Ideas Using Our Veneer Hobby Packs

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Veneer Hobby Packs
Here at Sauers & Company Veneers, we have been supplying wood veneer to a great number of businesses and customers for over 50 years. One of our popular products for hobbyists is our veneer hobby packs. These packs come with a variety of size and color combinations and are suitable for people with all skill levels and abilities. We love to see the creative, fun and beautiful projects that come out of our veneer hobby packs. You can even submit your projects for us to share on our Facebook page!

Here are a few of our favorite project options:

  • New table top: Do you have a table that you love, but it has a ruined top? Maybe years of your family’s use hasn’t been kind. Or you bought it used somewhere and have always meant to restore its glory. Whatever the story, our veneer hobby packs might be just what you need to create a one-of-a-kind top that your table deserves.
  • Cover old laminate countertops: Wood veneers can be a great, low-cost option to cover up those old laminate countertops without breaking the budget. Your kitchen will look like new.
  • Lamp shades and light fixtures: A quick internet search will show you hundreds of ideas for lamp shades and light fixtures that have been created using wood veneers.
  • Cabinet refacing: Wood veneer can bring new life to updated cabinets. This eco-friendly option keeps your old cabinets from getting thrown away, while giving you the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Jewelry making: Whether its rings, necklaces, earrings or other jewelry, the sky is the limit with our veneer hobby packs.
  • Wall art: Our different colors of veneer are perfect for creating stunning art for your walls.

Order one of our wood veneer hobby packs today and get your creative side ready for the fun to come.