Steps to Working with Dyed Wood Veneers

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Selecting a quality piece of wood to turn into furniture, artwork, or something like a guitar is a fun and creative process for many carpenters and craftsmen. When you want to start working with wood, you spend a lot of time learning about the hardness of different species, which types are better for certain purposes, and what to use with different stains or paints. When you are working with dyed wood veneers, there are a few different steps that you will need to take!

quality dyed wood veneers

  • First, and foremost, you need to find quality dyed wood veneers. Don’t choose veneers that are just painted over, but instead look for dyed wood veneers in which a colorful stain has been incorporated evenly throughout the piece of veneer. This will ensure more even coloring and more consistent results.
  • Second, don’t think that your colors are limited to brown, black or gray tones! When you work with a company like Sauers & Company Veneers, you can get dyed wood veneers in vibrant tones, muted tones, and colors you didn’t think possible in wood like pink, yellow, purple, green and blue. These colors can really open up some creative options!
  • Third, select your lacquer carefully. Choose a quality finish that won’t warp or yellow over time or with sun exposure. This will ruin the colored effect of your piece. Also keep in mind the purpose of your piece when selecting your finish. You’ll want things like bowls or salad spoons to be coated with food-safe finishes.

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