The Proper Way to Clean Wood Veneers

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Once you have determined that your favorite piece of furniture was crafted using wood veneers, it is important to know how to properly clean it so that it gives you the years of beautiful service you expect. In many cases, the furniture manufacturer is your best source of information for what to do and what to avoid, particularly when it comes to stain treating. Here are a couple tips that can usually be said about most wood veneers.

The Proper Way to Clean Wood Veneers

First and foremost, do not use aerosol wood cleaners or polishes. However, it isn’t just the aerosol ones that can harm your wood veneers. Check the ingredients and avoid any that contain wax or are oil-based. For general cleaning, you do not need anything fancy. A soft cloth that is lint free is usually plenty enough for dusting your furniture. If you need a bit more, dampen the cloth slightly and use a mild soap, but take care to rinse off the soap residue and thoroughly dry the surface to avoid water spots and damage to the wood veneers. It is also important to keep your wiping motion in the same direction as the wood grain.

To best protect your wood veneers, always use some form of protection to safeguard against damage. Use a coaster under glasses, put a layer of glass on a dresser or side table, and use a desk pad or glass layer on your desk.

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