The Right Selection of Wood Veneer Sheets

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Anyone seeking wood veneer sheets, whether for completing cabinets or even for creating parquet flooring benefits from variety. Your project is a labor of love that should be completed with a shading and color signature that reflects you. Any other result is tantamount to cheating yourself out of the opportunity to express what you had in mind when the project began.

right range of wood veneer sheets

Two primary ways in which variety is crucial are color and contrast. Your cabinets, which you’ve stripped or rebuilt, required a lot of effort to get right. The exact color you’re after is your due after all that work.

Contrast doubles up the color question. What’s more, the pattern you want won’t pop in real life the way it does in your mind unless you have the exact shadings you want. If you want to create even more distinct patterns, then the diversity of shade and color is even more important or the casual observer may not spot the complexity of your creation. Without the right range of wood veneer sheets, you’re compromising your project from the start.

To ensure your completed job has the effect you’re after, we at Sauers & Company Veneers offer you veneer wood sheets in over 120 species of woods, ranging in shading, and we offer dyed woods, too. We ship anywhere in the world within 48 hours of your order being placed. Give us a call if you have questions!