Top Four Applications of Wood Veneers

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Top Four Applications of Wood Veneers
Have you ever looked at something and thought, “That could really just use a little more of . . . something, but I don’t know what”? If so, you may have found a great opportunity to incorporate wood veneers into a project of just about any type. In fact, wood veneers have many applications, but can also be found in four common places. Here are four of the top applications where you can look for and find wood veneers, or you may want to add them to your projects for effect:

  1. Furniture – Chairs, tables, dressers, and more can all benefit from the decorative elements wood veneers provide. Whether you want to add a pattern or incorporate wood veneer sheets, furniture has unlimited possibilities with this unique addition.
  2. Decorative Inlay – Mastering the technique of decorative inlay can take some time, but with wood veneers, it’s never been easier to create and apply the pattern that makes your items stand out. With dyed wood veneers and other, more exotic wood types, any item with a decorative inlay will be truly unique.
  3. Ceilings, Floors & Walls – The expert woodworker will know how to apply wood veneers to ceilings, floors, and walls for an incredible effect that cannot compare to other decorative options. When you see wood veneers in this application, it can truly be breathtaking.
  4. Artwork – From creating wooden instruments to decorating your favorite collector’s items, wood veneers can be a great way to enjoy artwork of any scope and size.

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