Using Dyed Wood Veneer to Create Art

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Not every woodworking hobbyist is interested in creating furniture and other items that have a specific use. Some heed the call of their inner artist and use dyed wood veneer to create stunning pieces of art. With the use of laser cutting to create precise, clean lines and putting different shapes together, just about anything can be created.

Using Dyed Wood Veneer to Create Art

Dyed wood veneer can be used on its own in a piece or mixed with other materials or types of veneer for a range of textures and colors. The possibilities are endless, so you can let your imagination free to follow any artistic movement that calls to you, be that abstract expressionism, pop art, impressionism, neoclassical, baroque, or something else.

It is also possible to combine the efforts of a simple woodworking project and the need for art by creating artistic pieces to decorate with. For example, craft a memory box as a gift for a young adult and create an accent depicting something they are passionate about. Use the dyed wood veneer to form a butterfly, horse, elephant, pattern, or even a favorite television character.

Here at Sauers & Company Veneers, we would love to be part of inspiring you to put your artistic side to work. Our dyed wood veneer has incredible color consistency while drawing out the natural beauty of the wood grain. You’ll have the flexibility to create amazing art pieces with our more than 20 different color choices and a variety of sizes and combinations. Some of our dyed wood veneer is available in packs and assortments for the most cost-effective price. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.