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We ship our wood veneer sheets around the globe.

Our top quality wood veneer sheeting and extensive inventory of colors and selection make it possible to create unique projects. Nothing compares to our flexibility in sizes and colors.

All of our wood veneer sheets are produced in the USA from the finest veneer leaves, with an average thickness of .024.

Splice seam lines are virtually imperceptible.

The following backers are available, 10Mil Paper, 20Mil Paper, 30Mil Paper, 3M PSA (Peel and Stick), 2-Ply (wood on wood), Phenolic and Poly backs.

Please see our vast inventory of wood veneer sheeting below. Available in light, medium, dark, or dyed veneers. Also feel free to use our alphabetical product listing for a complete inventory.

Click on the bars below to see the species

Here at Sauers & Company Veneers we have learned a few things throughout our 50+ years in business as a leading wood veneer supplier. One of the most important lessons is that it is not up to us to dictate how our products are used but instead up to our clients to dictate what we should be supplying. In the beginning, the number of furniture manufacturers using wood veneer sheets was far larger than it is today. As that changed, we learned to adapt to others that were embracing the use of wood veneers and we shifted to providing quality products that met the demands of the hobbyist and custom woodworking professional. Here are a few of the ways in which our wood veneer sheets can appeal to you as a hobbyist or small to medium business:

Wood Veneer Sheets in Los Angeles, California

  • Our wood veneer sheets are produced in the USA
  • The sheets are made from the finest veneer leaves with an average thickness of .024
  • Splice seam lines are virtually imperceptible
  • We offer an extensive inventory of colors, including light, medium, dark, and dyed veneers
  • Choose from various sizes of wood veneer sheets, including 4’ x 8’, 1’ x 8’ and 2’ x 8’
  • There are more than 125 wood species to choose from
  • Choose the backing type you desire from 10Mil paper, 20Mil paper, 30Mil paper, 3M PSA (peel and stick), 2-ply (wood on wood), phenolic and poly

In addition to having the products you need for your Los Angeles, California business or personal project, you’ll enjoy top-notch customer service. Call us today to see for yourself why our wood veneer sheets are used around the globe.


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