4 Square Feet Wood Veneer Sheet Packages Posted by Sauers & Company Veneers September 26th, 2017

4 Square Feet Wood Veneer Sheet Packages

4-Way Match Veneer packs

These sequence cut, 4-way matched veneers are perfect for many common projects. The 4 way match allows them to be used end to end for projects such as drawer fronts, side by side for panels, and end to end and side by side for larger projects. Premium figured woods are 0.024″ (1/42″) thick. Each pack contains 4 sq. ft. of veneer in (4) 8″ x 18″ sheets.

4-Way Match Veneer Packages – 4 Sq. Ft.
Sequenced Matched Veneers – Sheets
Size: 8″ x 18″ 4 Sheets per Pack
Designer / Exotic SpeciesPackage Size Sq. Ft.
   Ash, Burl4
   Mahogany, Crotch4
   Maple, Birdseye4
   Maple, Burl4
   Maple, Quilted4
   Mappa, Burl4
   Myrtle, Burl4
   Redwood, Burl4
   Walnut, Burl4

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